A very warm welcome to all sessional staff. We are delighted to have you working with us and teaching our students.

RMIT’s 2020 Strategic Plan places a high priority on learning and teaching and the student experience. Priority 2 focuses on inspiring teaching. It notes

  • Imaginative and rigorous teaching is at the heart of transformative student experience and central to RMIT’s purpose. We draw on the best teaching knowledge and contemporary instructional design, physical infrastructure and digital technology to create the best possible learning outcomes.
  • RMIT’s teaching practices are shaped by insights and evidence from research, and relevant connections between teaching and research staff are actively maintained.
  • Our teachers are experts in what they do and bring connections from industry and enterprise to their teaching.
    You have been chosen for your expertise and ability to help us deliver on this promise in the School of Education.

I started my academic career as a sessional staff member and I have experienced firsthand the pleasures, opportunities and tensions of the role. I know that many sessional teachers juggle multiple commitments. I appreciate the effort that excellent teaching requires and thank you for your important contribution.

RMIT has over 80,000 students and it is easy for students to feel anonymous and insignificant, wondering if they have made the right choice. Apart from your excellent teaching it is sometimes the small things that make a difference: knowing your students’ names, taking time to understand difficulties they might be experiencing, sharing the story of your own career.

I hope your time with us is stimulating and rewarding and I look forward to working collaboratively as we continue to improve our students’ experiences.

Andrea Chester, Interim Head of School