My pre-service teacher is speaking inappropriately to myself or other staff, what should I do?

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Expectations for professionalism and teacher talk is a topic that is addressed at University in depth so students should be aware of what is appropriate and inappropriate. However, some students might need extra guidance in understanding how to speak professionally with staff in a school setting. If your PST is using inappropriate language or speaking about inappropriate topics with yourself or other staff members this needs to be addressed formally as soon as possible.



  • You will need to set up a meeting with your PST to discuss your concerns. Make sure that you have evidence (informal notes with dates/times are fine) to support your concerns. You might also like to ask another teacher to attend the meeting if you feel that you will need additional support.
  • You might also like to read through the resource a Manager’s Guide to Difficult Conversations (link to website PDF or file) and use the following Conversation Plan resource (link form) to ensure that you are prepared for this difficult conversation.
  • Remember that there are always two sides to every story. Listen carefully and make sure that you understand the situation from your pre-service teachers perspective.
  • Depending on other elements of their professional practice you might also consider marking them as Unsatisfactory on Standard 7 of the RMIT Professional Experience Report form. (link form)
  • If your concerns are significant or you feel that you are unable to resolve them within the school please fill in an Expression of Concern form (link form) contact RMIT immediately so that a University representative can come and follow up with the PST and school staff.


Additional Resources:


  • The following Conversation Plan (link form) will help you to make notes and prepare for your difficult conversation.



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