My pre-service teacher is not attending meetings or yard duty, does this matter?

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It is expected that PST will attend meetings, yard duty, lunch clubs etc. the same way other school staff do. Some schools or mentor teachers do not want to have PSTs at every yard duty or meeting. In this case we would expect that your PST attends one yard duty and one staff meeting per week that they are on placement. Please make sure that you discuss yard duty and meeting times with your student at the beginning of placement, it is helpful to get them to write these times down.


  • Ask your PST to get their diary so that you can write down the meetings and duties that they will need to attend whilst on placement.
  • If you have done this and your PST is still not attending meetings or duties make a time to discuss this with them. You might like to say something along the lines of “I noticed you weren’t at the meeting last night, did you remember we had it on?” or “I was looking for you so we could do yard duty together this morning, and I realised that I should probably go over the expectations for duty/meetings with you…”
  • If your PST continues miss meetings and duty please make a note of it in their Mid-Placement Review form (link form) and re-address the issue with them.
  • Depending on other elements of their professional practice you might also consider marking them as Unsatisfactory on Standard 7 of the RMIT Professional Experience Report form. 



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