My pre-service teacher is dressing inappropriately, what should I say?

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Whilst every school setting has differing expectations for professional attire there are some common expectations that are held in relation to what PSTs should wear whilst on placement. As a general rule of thumb RMIT professional attire expectations include:

    • No tracksuits (except for sports days)
    • Closed toe shoes
    • Higher neckline tops for girls so that cleavage covered (no bra straps showing)
    • No low waisted pants (underwear or skin should not be visible when PSTs bend over)
    • No ripped, stained or shabby clothing
    • A sun hat in Term 1 & 4

If your student has arrived at school inappropriately dressed please make a time to discuss this with them immediately.


  • You might like to begin your conversation with something along the lines of… “I realised today that we haven’t had a chance to talk about dress code yet. At (insert school name) there set of expectations in relation to how you should dress at school….”  Please use the list of RMIT expectations as a starting point and add any other details that are school specific in relation to dress code.
  • If your PST continues to wear inappropriate clothing you might like to ask a member of the leadership team to discuss the school’s expectations for dress code with them
  • If the PST still does not change the way they are dressing, when they next arrive at school ask them to go home and change their clothes. Inform the PST that they will not be allowed to partake in professional duties unless their clothing is inlign with the school’s dress code policy – please provide them with a copy of the school’s dress code policy.
  • Depending on other elements of the PSTs professional practice you might also consider marking them as Unsatisfactory on Standard 7 of the RMIT Professional Experience Report form



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