My pre-service teacher is doing their Uni work during class time, are they supposed to be doing this?

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Whilst pre-service teachers do have lots of work to complete while they are on placement they should always be focusing on and working with your students during class time. They should not be working on their lesson plans or other assignments during class time. The only exception to this is if they are completing a university designated classroom audit or collecting evidence on students’ work or work habits. All other tasks are to be completed in their own time. Students may complete their university work during recess/lunch times or after school so long as it is not preventing them 

from attending yard duty or meetings. They may also use planning time to work on lesson plans if they are working in conjunction with their mentor teacher.



  • If you notice that your PST has their head down working during class time, check in with them and find out what work they are completing. If they say it is an observation, audit, reflection or other work that needs to be completed during class time ask to see their work and offer assistance if required.
  • If your PSTs tell you that they are completing other work for Uni (eg. lesson plan, assignments etc.) explain to them that this needs to be done outside of class. Explain to them that time that they get as PSTs to spend working with students is limited so it is essential that they make the most of every day they have in the classroom.
  • If your student continues to work in class please readdress the issue with them and make a note of it in their Mid-Placement Review form. (link form)  
  • Depending on other elements of their professional practice you might also consider marking them as Unsatisfactory on Standard 7 of the RMIT Professional Experience Report form. (link form)



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