Leganto, Electronic reading list is available in Canvas.

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Exlibris Leganto Logo
Leganto Logo

What is Legano? The RMIT Library is providing Leganto, Electronic reading list that can be easily embedded into your Canvas course shell. Ex Libris Leganto makes it easy and engaging to create, access, and manage course resource/reading lists. Instructors can build, maintain, and share resource lists that include all material types, librarians can provide resources more efficiently and scale up to support more courses, and students can access all course materials in one place and from any device. For more information, see the Exlibris Leganto website

How do I get access to Leganto? Leganto is available from the RMIT Library. Go to the Reading lists @RMIT website for more information on Leganto. For information, guides on how to set up Leganto reading list in your Canvas course, go to Setting up a reading list

Trouble shooting If you need additional support with setting up Leganto, go to Common issues and problems. If you are experiencing  problems with creating or working a reading lists contact: eReserve.library@rmit.edu.au

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