Glossary Tool for Canvas

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Glossary Tool

The Glossary Tool helps students understand the
terminology used within your course. Key terms.
within your content will feature dots beneath them
and a definition will appear via a tooltip on hover.

Embedding the glossary tool to assist students in understanding the ‘language of your discipline’ such as specific theory or terminology. The Glossary tool is an initiative from the Vocational Education Design Team. The Glossary tool can be described as:

“… an integrated method to provide definitions on unfamiliar terms and concepts that students need to onboard as part of their learning and being workplace ready. It uses and inline ‘tooltip’ method that keeps the student on the page without having to resort to external resources to become familiar with concepts. The word bank and definitions are maintained natively within canvas by teachers and coordinators and can be updated across an entire course or a school’s online learning portfolio.”

For instructions on how to configure the Glossary in your course, go to:

For more information please contact

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