Workplanning for 2018

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I know meetings are commencing to close out 2017 workplans. I appreciate the effort it takes to evidence your achievements and their impact. For teaching staff this includes CES (which you should have received earlier this week) and other student feedback as well as details of teaching improvement plans you put in place. For staff engaged in research this includes publications and HDR completions as well as grants submitted and received. Your manager will have these details, but please do have this information at hand for your workplan meeting. Professional staff may have evidence of how you actively contributed to the School’s reputation for excellence in the delivery of quality administrative services that meet the needs of our clients and stakeholders.

As we move into planning for 2018 the Senior Leadership Group has agreed to four workplan objectives for all staff:

  • Student Belonging
  • Every Graduate Ready
  • Partnerships
  • Leadership of/participation in a Micro-project – more on these in the next blog post!

These objectives are aligned with the University, College and School workplans for 2018. As the year ends I invite you to start thinking about your work for 2018 and how you can contribute to these big agendas. For more information you can access the SoE 2018 Workplan.

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