Workplanning 2017 – attention HE staff

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Thank you all for your engagement with the workplanning process so far. VE workplans are ticking along and Program Managers have been working with staff to set objectives relevant to their program. Professional staff, under Anna’s leadership, will be trialling common objectives this year.

HE workplanning has been delayed while I have worked with the Program Managers and the Senior Leadership Group to explore the possibility of common objectives. My apologies for this hold up and thank you to all HE staff for your patience.

I would like to see an uplift in HE student feedback this semester. To do this we will need to work in a coordinated way, knowing that Every Course Counts.

The graph below shows the HE GTS by school in DSC for semester 1 over the last 5 years.


You can see that for the last five years the HE GTS has bumped around in SoE, but has not really been on an upward trajectory. I know there will be a range of reasons for this and before you roll your eyes and mutter to yourself (or others), I do appreciate that the CES is a flawed measure, our programs have changed over this time, a comparison across schools is complex, and there are rich narratives that sit behind these aggregated stats.

I have thought more than twice about whether to share this data with you. I know this sort of data can be used as a stick and I certainly don’t want that. I know we have excellent teaching in the School and a strong drive to create a great student experience. I think we can evidence that more strongly in the university metrics.

If we can raise our GTS this semester it will send a powerful message to the University and of course to our students.* To support this the Program Managers, Peter R, Kathy and I would like to trial a common L&T objective for all HE staff who teach.

Objective name: Enhance HE CES
Objective Description and Performance Indicator: Achieve a Good Teaching Scale (GTS) result of 70% for courses with enrolments below 200 students and 65% for courses with enrolments above 200 students.

For those already meeting expectations in this area, please take the opportunity to raise the bar and aim for excellence:
Achieve a Good Teaching Scale (GTS) result of 80% or higher for all courses I teach.

And of course whilst the focus here is on individual workplans, I know the Program Managers and many staff are keen to work together to find ways (and support) to achieve this objective. Thembi is a great resource!

In the future I hope we can explore common objectives for research and leadership. For the moment staff should negotiate objectives in these two areas with their managers.

Can all staff please ensure workplans are completed by February 20. 

*  For those with a competitive streak,  the School of Business Information Technology and Logistics had the highest HE GTS in the University in sem 1 last year – 78.7%.


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