Working on campus – expectations for HE staff

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As we start the new year I want to clarify my expectations about working on campus for HE staff. I have a desire to support good work/life balance as well as strengthen our collegial learning community and program teams.

With these twin goals in mind I am expecting that full time staff will be on campus four days a week. We have another full year as we implement Canvas, work on accreditation and major change in all our HE programs and welcome new staff. Being present will be important.
With bits of our MTPs now being offered on the City our HE staff are spread across three locations. I appreciate the opportunities and challenges this brings. I encourage staff who work across campuses to spend whole days, where possible, at one location. Most staff will retain an office at Bundoora and it my expectation that the majority of staff will spend the bulk of the week here. Please discuss your plans for working across campuses with your manager.
I encourage all research active staff to take time during the semester for research. I know from experience how easily this time gets eaten up with teaching preparation, marking and administration and before you know it the day you set aside to write is gone. I encourage you to take one email-free day a week (pro-rata for part-time staff) and work from home or any other location. I don’t mind where you do your research. We have hot desks and meeting rooms available in both b.51 and b.108 on the City if this works for you.
Please let your line manager know if you plan to work off campus or on another campus so they can contact you in an emergency.
I know most staff put information about working days, campus location and student consultation hours on office doors; this is a great idea and I’d like all staff to do this for 2018. Your managers have templates you can use. We have ordered new boards for your doors which should arrive shortly. Full-time staff should aim to set aside four hours for student consultation each week. A couple of blocks of time across different days generally works well. Can you please make sure this information is up before semester commences.

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