What happened at Global Working Group in September?

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As the SoEd Global Working Group (GWG) continues to build information about and processes to support our global partnerships, we are keen to share summaries of our monthly meetings with all staff.

Headlines of the September meeting are below:

  • Teaching, research and global mobility partnerships across the school are being mapped. The draft map is available here.
  • All staff are encouraged to contribute details of existing and new partnerships. Information can be added here. An online survey to collect this information is being prepared.
  • A template for staff proposing student global mobility experiences was approved. The template ensures initiatives are supported by relevant program managers, are appropriately linked to program structures and provide details regarding funding. The template will be circulated to all staff shortly.
  • A decision was made to call for a Global Mobility Coordinator to help manage student global mobility initiatives across HE programs. More information will be circulated shortly.
  • Funding to support HPE student global mobility in Singapore and China in 2018/2019 was endorsed. Student support has been provided via NCP, but funding was not sufficient to cover staff.
  • GWG is reviewing current global initiatives across all DSC schools to take advantage of potential collaborations.

The rolling action sheet of the group can be accessed here.



One Comment on “What happened at Global Working Group in September?”

  1. Come and Hear what the students who went overseas in 2017/18 have to say about it!
    You may get some ideas for establishing global mobility programmes:………

    You are invited to the next Master Class will be held in the City Campus – Bldg 108 Level 5 on 4th October 2018 from 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm as follows:

    Day: Thursday

    Date: 4 October,

    Location: City Location

    Building 108, Level 5

    Time: 4.30-6.30

    Title: Global experiences

    Presenter: Rohan Nethsinghe

    Format: Panel of students narrating their recent experiences in Myanmar, Fiji and other places…….

    Australian classrooms are increasingly becoming multicultural and to cater for the learning needs of students from diverse backgrounds current teachers are required to possess multicultural competencies, skills and knowledge. The intention of this workshop is to share the rich experiences of students who participated in international teaching placements and global study tours, encourage student participation and also share the experiences of course coordinators who manage, organise and offer Global PX courses at the School of Education in the MTP program employing unique pedagogical approaches.

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