What goes on at SLG?

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The SoEd Senior Leadership Group (SLG) meets fortnightly. Our job is to lead the school in all respects – our program quality, relevance, viability and innovation, our research directions and productivity, our global aspirations, our partnerships and pathways, our facilities and resources and the wellbeing of our staff and students.

Members of the SLG are the Dean, School Manager, our three Associate Deans, the Academic Director, Professional Experience and two PM reps (currently Baia and Nicky).

The SLG would like to keep you up to date with our decisions and discussions. We thought we would trial a brief summary in the blog following each meeting. Let’s review over the next few months to see if this is hitting the mark.

At the June 4 meeting, held amongst the coffee machine and microwaves in the b.108 staff room, the following items were on the agenda:

  • A mid-year review of the 2018 SoEd Workplan. In most areas we are tracking well. You can track progress against each objective here.
  • 2018 staff workplans. We noted a number  had not yet been completed and Ronnie has been working with managers to move these along.
  • I shared an update from my experience at the May Executive Leadership Forum. These meetings are held every quarter and bring together the 100 exec leaders across the university. The May meeting was held during National Reconciliation Week at the Melbourne Museum where we participated in immersion activities to help us develop a deeper understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives, histories and cultures. Mark McMillan, DPVC Indigenous Education and Engagement, introduced to us Bundyi Girri, or shared futures, extending our understanding of place and encouraging us to recognise we are on a shared path that is no longer a conversation about inclusion, but one of connection and experience.
  • Out of hours emails. We discussed our own practices in this area and how to best manage whole of school communication.
  • SoEd calendar of events. We discussed and are finalising events for the second half of the year – Town Hall gatherings, planning days and our Christmas Party. Expect to see placeholders in your diary.

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