What are we discovering about learning in the brain and can it be used to enhance teaching?

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What are we discovering about learning in the brain and can it be used to enhance teaching? Dr Jason Lodge
September 11th at 11am

The last decade has seen enormous advances in understanding how learning occurs in the brain and mind. Despite this progress, little of this research has filtered through to higher education practice. It is difficult to translate the growing understanding of learning in the brain to complex physical and virtual classroom environments. The distance from neuron to classroom has been described as ‘a bridge too far’. In this session, the cutting edge research on the science of learning will be discussed. A particular emphasis will be placed on the development of deep conceptual understanding, which is critical in the higher education context. Research from the laboratory is uncovering many ways for enhancing student learning in higher education. Some of these findings challenge long held wisdom about certain learning and teaching practices and necessitate careful consideration. The session will conclude with a discussion about possibilities for evidence-based innovation.

Jason Lodge is a Senior Lecturer in Higher Education and an experienced educator in psychology and higher education. Jason joined the Melbourne CSHE in 2014. He is a psychological scientist by profession and is affiliated with the national Australian Research Council funded Science of Learning Research Centre. He was also the recipient of the 2014 Australian Psychological Society Early Career Teaching Award and the 2016 Melbourne Graduate School of Education Teaching Excellence Award.

Jason’s areas of expertise are in cognitive science, educational psychology, higher education and educational technology. His research focuses on the cognitive and emotional factors that influence student learning and the student experience in adult educational settings. He is predominantly interested in how educational technology is influencing the development of metacognition, critical thinking, expertise and professional ways of being. Jason also has specialist knowledge and experience in academic development, learning analytics, curriculum development, design for learning and assessment and evaluation in higher education. Jason is part of the Educational Technology Research Group.

Jason has over 13 years of experience in teaching in university settings as well as a decade of experience in corporate and vocational training. Jason has earned a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours from James Cook University, a Graduate Certificate in Business from Monash University, a Master of Higher Education from Macquarie University, a Master of Learning Sciences and Technology from The University of Sydney and a PhD in Psychological Science also from James Cook University. @jasonmlodge

Further information https://www.usq.edu.au/learning-teaching/USQSalon/2017/lodge

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