Welcome to Linda Knight

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A warm welcome to Associate Professor Linda Knight who starts with us this week. Linda joins the Early Childhood Team and will be located in the new ECE space in b.220.2.19.

Please do pop in to introduce yourself to Linda.

Between 2011-2019 Linda was in the School of Early Childhood and Inclusive Education at QUT, where she was co-leader of the QUT Literacies, Language, Texts and Technologies Research Group.

Linda has a 30-year, international and award-winning career in community-based arts practice, working in diverse cultural and education contexts. She has particular expertise of working in leadership roles with socially and economically disadvantaged community groups, multicultural and multi-faith groups, and with adults and children with disabilities.

This extensive and sustained expertise gives Linda a unique set of skills that informs her research and teaching. Linda is a strong advocate for socially inclusive practice and believes that exposure to arts and design helps achieve cultural and social equity. Arts and design are great social levellers – anyone can enjoy them, even when their life circumstances are highly challenging. Having access to arts and design is an opportunity all should experience.

Linda specialises in arts-based methodologies which she consults on in education focused research. Past projects have examined the use of iPads in developing literacy and creativity in young children, and using drawing to improve oral communication between educators and children.

Linda’s current research examines human/non-human/inhuman urban citizenships. Her projects include: using inefficient mapping of (play)spaces to consider the ethics of urban sites; conventions of Artificial Intelligence and coding and issues of algorithmic diversity in early childhood; and drawing as a non-representational methodology.

Also, together with Dr Emily Gray and Professor Mindy Blaise Linda is a founding member of #FEAS – Feminist Educators Against Sexism, an international arts activist collective that uses irreverence, comedy and arts interventions to research workplace sexism.   

Linda has published extensively on arts-based research and is co-editor of Arts-Research-Education: connections and directions (2018) with Springer.

Linda has an international profile as an artist and has exhibited in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, and Europe.

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