VTAC offers for grad entry teaching quals

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Last week offers were made in the first round of graduate entry teaching programs for 2017. VTAC provided a press release which indicates numbers are down across the state.

Today, 1,370 offers will be made in the first round for graduate entry teaching (GET) in 2017. This year, 1,311 offers were made for government subsidised courses and 59 offers were made for fee‐based courses.

This year 1,708 applications were received for graduate entry teaching courses, a decrease of 1,087 applications from 2016. Of the 1,708 applicants, 80% were made an offer, a 7% decrease in the percentage of applicants receiving an offer compared to last year.

As noted in The Age, where the story was picked up, this is a 39% drop in applications. Sobering news in a context in which government regulation of teaching programs is increasing. The Age article includes responses from John Hattie, Greg Craven, John Loughran, Dean of Ed at Monash and Australian Education Union Victorian branch president Meredith Peace.

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