Voluntary contributions – additional information

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Below are some questions that have been asked about workload if a voluntary contribution is made: 

  • If a person goes on a 9-day fortnight, is their workload proportionally reduced or are they expected to meet their existing workload in the reduced time?
  • If I decide to volunteer, who will do the work I would have done during that time?  Will my AWAM change?

In response HR has provided the following information:

RMIT understands that the staff voluntary contribution options may not be possible for all our people when managing workloads, teaching and research commitments and team obligations.  These options are voluntary and can be adapted to suit an individual’s personal circumstances and work requirements. 

If an option was considered, we cannot expect the same delivery of work in a reduced time fraction.  Where possible your manager should help you to work flexibly, manage your workload allocation and pause non-critical tasks to support your ability to make this contribution. We are encouraging our people to have a discussion with their manager in the first instance to work through how they could manage their workload when considering their options.

Do keep an eye on the FAQs if you need more information. They are being updated in response to questions we are sending through.

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