VIT Regulatory Approach

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Please see information below on the new VIT Regulatory Approach. It reflects best practice and strengthens the VIT risk-based approach to teacher registration. It provides the teaching profession, the government and the general public with a clear statement of how VIT perform their role and what we can expect from them.

Our Regulatory Approach includes the following set of principles that outline how we perform our functions:

Outcomes focused

We are outcomes focused. All of our functions are clearly focused on achieving our strategic objectives.

Accountable and transparent

We perform our functions responsibly, objectively, fairly and consistently. We are responsible and accountable to teachers, learners, employers, the government, the Minister for Education and the community for our decisions.

We are open and transparent. We communicate our decisions and reasons for decision to the teacher, and other persons and entities as appropriate. Where permitted by law, we also share our decisions and reasons for decisions through the Register of Registered Teachers, Register of Disciplinary Action and the publication of our hearings.

Efficient and timely

We are efficient and timely. We focus on prevention and take a proactive approach to relationship building, information and education, and monitoring data and emerging trends in the education sector.

We aim to reduce the regulatory and administrative burden for teachers by

  • facilitating access to information;
  • streamlining systems and processes; and 
  • sharing information with co-regulators.

Intelligence led

We analyse and use the best available data and intelligence gathered from a number of sources to identify emerging trends and patterns, systemic risks or weaknesses and current risks.

Risk based

Our Regulatory Approach is risk-based. This means that we consider risk when exercising all of our functions, including when we consider applications for registration, and when we monitor and enforce compliance of registered teachers.

Our assessment and response to risk also considers the safety and wellbeing of children and young people, including community standards and expectations, and the need to maintain confidence in the teaching profession.


All of our actions and decisions are proportionate. This means that we make regulatory decisions and allocate resources based on

  • the risks, problems and issues we are seeking to address;
  • the likelihood and potential consequences of the risk, problem or issue occurring;
  • the level of risk posed; and
  • the benefits or strategic objectives we are trying to achieve.


Our Regulatory Approach also includes developing and maintaining collaborative and productive working relationship with our stakeholders.


We also provide education and information to the education sector. This includes educating the teaching profession about their responsibilities and obligations to

  • ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of children and young people; and 
  • engage in quality teaching to improve the educational and developmental outcomes of children and young people in their care.

Responsive and flexible

We will be responsive and flexible to emerging trends and issues, and current risks.

Download a copy of the 11-page Regulatory Approach

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