VCE exams start today

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Our VCE Year 12 exams start today with English and EAL. You can find the VCE exam timetable here.

Our VCE students and staff have worked hard to get to this point and I hope the next few weeks go smoothly for all.  I know much work goes into the organisation of the exams and appreciate the preparation that happens in the classrooms and behind the scenes to support the students as well as ensure everything runs efficiently over this period. My special thanks to Nancy, Jacqueline and Elaine for all their work.

With the exception of English, our exams will be taking place in the Urban School in b.108. The floor will be a model of silence for the next couple of weeks. My thanks to the Year 11 teachers who have relocated to b.51 for this period. I encourage MTP staff to work at Bundoora during this time,. If you need to use 108 please avoid walking past 5.03/4.

Wishing all VCE students and staff the very best for the exam period and the completion of the year.


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