VCE China student and staff visit

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Last week was a busy time for our VCE program who hosted a Study Tour of 36 students and five accompanying staff from BZFLS, our VCE partner school in Beijing.  The visit is an important one both in setting expectations for the students’ study in China as well as introducing them to the university and Melbourne.
The full program saw students attend classes in Maths, EAL and Accounting, along with sessions on VCE Requirements, the GAT, RMIT Library Services and the Study and Learning Centre, RMIT courses, pathways and entrance requirements as well as a campus tour.  Mr Deng, the Principal and several staff also visited a local primary school.
Many thanks to Craige, the mastermind behind the event, Victoria and Nancy and all the staff who supported the visit including Elaine, Anne, Fiona and Liz, our mentors and colleagues from across the university who shared their expertise. I hear the lunches were particularly memorable!

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