VCE Art and Design Exhibition

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Last night saw the launch of the VCE Art & Design exhibition in building 8 on Swanston St. It was a great occasion celebrating the students and their work with family, friends, teachers, RMIT colleagues and members of the general public. Some of the work even found buyers!

Nancy introduced the event, warmly congratulating the students and Lynette spoke beautifully about the combination of challenge and support that she and Ellie create to enable the students to explore their interests and passions. To round off the speeches, one of our students reflected on the value of the program, thanking both the staff and her peers.

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Artwork by Indiana De Luna

The exhibition continues until Friday from 10 am – 5 pm in 8.2.3 (where the Commonwealth Bank used to be). I hope you will be able to call in.

With VCE exams now complete, my thanks to all the staff for another good and full year. I look forward to celebrating with you and the Year 11 students this afternoon in b.108 as they too mark the end of the year.

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