VCE Annual Report 2017

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Screen Shot 2018-06-19 at 7.13.49 am.pngI am very pleased to share with you the VCE Annual Report 2017.

The report is prepared for publication on the VCE/ School of Education homepage on the RMIT Website as required by the VRQA. It provides an overview of the context of the secondary program run at RMIT in affiliation with the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority, the demographics of the student population who undertake the program and a comprehensive analysis of completion data as well as preferred pathways and VTAC offers received by the students into tertiary education for 2018.

The report have been very thoughtfully collated with graphic design help from Eloise Arcuna in the DSC College Office. This year the report includes photos, profiles of students and comments from the Program Coordinators, Trish and Damian – all of which are great additions.

My congratulations to Nancy and the team on the publication of this excellent report.  It will be a great document to share on our upcoming visit to our VCE partner school in China and I look forward to proudly presenting it at EdIQ Committee tomorrow.


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