Using video in our teaching and teaching

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Our beautiful new facilities in b.220, including PoPLab and PressPlay as well as our ability to stream content across the teaching spaces on level 2, offer great opportunities to build expertise in the creation and use of video in our teaching and research.

Over the coming months we will be able to draw on expertise within our teams in this area. In the meantime I read the following article with interest:

Michael A. Peters, E. Jayne White, Tina Besley, Kirsten Locke, Bridgette Redder, Rene Novak, Andrew Gibbons, John O’Neill, Marek Tesar & Sean Sturm (2020) Video ethics in educational research involving children: Literature review and critical discussionEducational Philosophy and Theory, DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2020.1717920

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