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The Urban school staff got together for the first catch up of the year. It was a good opportunity to welcome new staff to the team as well as remind ourselves of the depth and breadth of experience in the team.

We had updates from Trish and the Learning Mentors who are working with Year 11 students. Travis provided us with information on great progress in the pathways area and Craige updated us on the successful visit of students from our partner school in Beijing. Our Discipline Leads (Yolanda, Analia and VK) are settling well into their roles

It was good to catch up on live issues. As actions Anna and I will follow up regarding the unreliability of AV in the classrooms. I’m really sorry to hear the sound has not been working as recently as this week; I really hoped we had sorted that in the first week of classes. We also discussed photocopied congestion. We’ll look at some of the data on use and get back to you on this one. Student numbers are looking good and I appreciate the challenge this is creating in some classrooms that are at maximum capacity. We will continue to monitor this. Many thanks to all the staff who have been working with our pre-service teachers.

We agreed to switch off the swipe access to the staff space during work hours and we’ll let you know when that has been done. We’ll also look into the “foul smell” in the science lab and blocked toilets.

On a more uplifting note, we agreed to start greening the staff space, so bring in your plants. As we noted it’s a great, bright space and I expect many plants will thrive.

We also agreed that the MTP staff will review the configuration of the desks at the kitchen end of the space. I know there are lots of good ideas about how we make the space more efficient and I welcome proposals.

As a reminder of the conversation, here are the word clouds we generated:

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  1. Just to quantify the numbers in VCE Units 3/4, we had over 287 students enrolled in at least one subject. This number hasn’t been reached for the past five or six years. All six English classes are full…capped at 30 or 31. And unlike previous years the number of so-called “turnstile” students (students that enrol and never show up) are very few. Personally I want to thank the work of the Elaine, Jacqueline, and Travis who fielded numerous inquires from prospective students over the break in changing challenging circumstances….
    In addition I want to thank teachers for assisting the students obtain a library purchased textbook. Lets hope that its appreciated by this years cohort and assists them sustaining their commitment to completing their courses.

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