Upcoming publications from SoE staff

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SoE academics are involved in two books to be published this year. Both books are part of the Global Education in the 21st Century series, published by Sense Publishing, with Tasos as the Series Editor. 

STEM Education: An Emerging Field of Inquiry
Editors: Tasos Barkatsas, Nicola Carr and Grant Cooper, RMIT University

This volume aims to explore the current debates in STEM education globally, in relation to the current policy focus on STEM education and to how STEM is being conceptualised in different contexts. It seeks to go beyond unidimensional definitions of STEM education and explore implications of framing STEM education in a multiplicity of ways. The volume will also provide space for researchers in STEM to present empirical work and to discuss how STEM is being implemented in different educational settings and how implementation is influencing and shaping student learning.

Ten of the thirteen chapters have been submitted – including chapters from a number of eminent academics from Australia, Asia, Europe and the USA. 

The review process will commence in March 2018 and the book will be published by July 2018.

Title:  Researching and Using Learning Progressions (Trajectories) in Mathematics Education
Editors: Dianne Siemon, Tasos Barkatsas and Rebecca Seah, RMIT University

The overall goal of the book is to share the work and results of the Reframing Mathematics Futures II Project but the book will incorporate the excellent work being done elsewhere from different perspectives and at different scales. 

A number of eminent academics from Australia and the USA are  currently submitting their chapters. 

The review process will commence in April 2018 and the book will be published by July 2018. 

Congratulations to all involved.


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