Upcoming L&T seminars

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These upcoming events at the Melbourne Centre for the Study of Higher Education

The brain and mind on campus: Translating the science of learning for higher education 

When: 12 – 1 pm, Wednesday 25 October

The last decade has seen enormous advances in understanding how learning occurs in the brain and mind. Despite this progress, little of this research has filtered through to higher education practice. It is difficult to translate the growing understanding of learning in the brain to complex physical and virtual classroom environments. The distance from neuron to classroom has been described as ‘a bridge too far’. In this seminar, the cutting-edge research on the science of learning will be discussed.

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In conversation: Back to the Future of Learning Technologies

When: 3.30 – 5.30 pm, Friday 1 December

There is almost constant talk of technology. But are we seeing the repackaging of old wine in new bottles or is there genuine “disruption” and “transformation” happening in higher education?

In this interactive event, Professor Gregor Kennedy will host a conversation with two leaders in learning technology innovation: Professor Grainne Conole and Associate Professor Matt Riddle. Both will draw on long histories in learning technology research and development to reflect on the current state of the field and where it might be headed.

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