Upcoming changes to the Course Guide system

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See below an early Christmas present for all Course Guide system users. With thanks to Tristan (Santa) Damen for these CAPS fixes and enhancements.
  • Part B course guide creation is now based on SAMS class scheduling data, which will increase the ease with which college L&T staff will be able to audit Part B publication processes for each term; it also means you won’t get a Part B for a course offering unless a class is scheduled in SAMS (in production);
  • Part Bs are now being created for all classes scheduled in flexible terms; (in production);
  • Generic Part Bs will soon be created for flexible terms where teaching staff do not want to publish course guides for each class (in production as of today – more information will be sent by CPA this afternoon);
  • RMIT Training is now in CAPS, marking the first time course guides have been able to be published for Foundation Studies courses (in production);
  • ‘Important Information’ field now available so that colleges can notify students and external quality assurance bodies of impending changes to course titles (in production);
  • Automated process for updating Part A and B course guides where fundamental SAMS data changes (course title or owning school). Where a record is in draft, this data is updated automatically. Where a record is published, it is pushed to draft and the data updated automatically for schools to review and publish. (in produciton);
  • Part A overwrite logic change: Currently, when a Part A course guide is published, any form data from that Part A overwrites that form data in every Part B – past, present and future. We are making changes to CAPS that will prevent published Part A course guides from overwriting any data in Part Bs where the term (standard) or class (flex) has already commenced (dev in progress – due EOY 2017);
  • Textbook list bug which affected approximately 250+ course guides has been fixed (in production);
  • Redundant Part B course guides will be deleted from CAPS; removing over 40000 redundant records and improving search performance (analysis and dev in progress – due EOY 2017);
  • VE course guides can now be copied in full (including national competency codes and performance criteria) (in production).

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