UNEVOC re-launch

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Friday’s re-launch of UNEVOC (the UNESCO International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training) provided an opportunity for folk from across the tertiary sector to hear about global challenges and opportunities for education and training. Peters Kelly and Rushbrook put together an engaging agenda of speakers including Andrew Williamson, Exec Director Vic TAFE Association (pictured above), Rupert McLean, who joined us from the College of the North Atlantic-Qatar and Jon Fien, from the School of Architecture & Urban Design, RMIT.

The event was well attended by SoEd staff (you may recognise several heads above) as well as guests from outside the university.

To continue the VE conversation, the recently released paper Revisioning the system: A critical analysis and the way forward and report Viewed from the margins: navigating disadvantage and VET make for compelling reading. Many thanks to Glenn Blair for passing these on.



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  1. Congratulations Peter Kelly for this – it’s an exciting thing for the SoE to have and I look forward to seeing where UNEVOC could lead within the research and HDR space.

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