Transition Plan feedback

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I am very pleased to report that VIT has formally assessed our Accreditation Transition Plan for our HE ITE programs. We have received feedback this week that the majority of these new requirements have been met, with some minor areas requiring further information that will be followed up over the next few weeks. Our plan sets out:

  • The LANTITE test, that all students must pass as a graduation requirement.
  • The Teaching Performance Assessment (TPA), an assessment in final year in which students are formally assessed against the Graduate Teacher Standards.
  • Selection, in which students are now selected via an academic measure and non-academic measure (the CASPer test).
  • A primary specialization, that aligns with current curriculum areas.
  • Formal written partnerships for every placement, that describe the expected learning experiences and outcomes.
  • Evidence of impact, via collecting and analyzing data from various sources including CES data, graduate data, focus groups and principal surveys.

Congratulations to the program manager team who spent many months last year producing this plan and for their continued efforts in helping the School realise a new suite for programs, ready to teach in 2019. My special thanks to Kathy who has been leading this good work with commitment, vision and great attention to detail.

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