Top Teachers Report

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This report from the Grattan Institute, released on Sunday, recommends two new roles for teachers, with increased pay. Based on results from a survey of 700 teachers and principals, authors Peter Goss and Julie Sonnemann, have proposed a new structure for teachers, which they claim will “transform Australian schools and boost student learning by 18 months by the time they turn 15”.

Master Teachers (1% of the teaching workforce) would have no formal classroom load but would be the overall pedagogical leaders in their subjects, working across a network of schools in their region. They would help identify teacher needs and coordinate training.

Instructional Specialists (limited to 8% of the workforce), would split their time between classroom teaching and instructional leadership. Instructional Specialists would work in their own schools to support and guide other teachers.

For more information go to the website above or download the report beloe

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