Thursday SoEd Town Hall

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A reminder that we are meeting on Thursday to showcase some of 2018 microprojects.

Please join us 3:30-4:30 pm at either Bundoora: B220.04.031 or City: B051.02.09 to hear about the following projects. We’ll have presenters and facilitators at each location and attempt to link up using the power of RMIT’s technology.

Imagination and Impact: Masterclasses in MTP Program – Kathy Jordan & Kathy Littlewood
Committed to developing, applying and sharing new ideas and perspectives in education through the delivery of Masterclasses to students, staff and others.

Passion and Inclusion:   Bi-monthly newsletter to VCE offshore students, Beijing – Craige Proctor
Committed to extending and deepening RMIT’s positive impact by welcoming students from diverse backgrounds in particular the (VCE China students by producing a newsletter.

Impact: English Academic Writing and Oral Speaking workshops for Early Childhood Programs – Anne Houghton & Melanie Reynolds
Producing a positive impact on student outcomes by supporting students with language and literacy needs, in this case delivering additional workshops focussing on Writing and Oral Speaking for the international students in Early Childhood Programs

Passion and Inclusion: School of Education Recipe Book – Fiona Clark
Promoting staff creativity and achievements as well as diversity through acknowledgement of their cooking and baking.

Imagination: Staff Belonging Activity: Creating Artwork – Nancy Varughese & Lynette Weber
Working together to produce and share new ideas through collaborative activities such as creating artwork for B108 spaces.

Passion, Inclusion and Imagination:  SoE Choir – Rohan Nethsinghe & The Pixels
Promoting staff achievements, welcoming all staff and valuing staff creativity are all evidenced in the formation of the SoEd choir.

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