Things we are doing in ISO that have improved our work

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At the May staff meeting we shared ideas about things we are doing differently and better in isolation. It’s a great list of positive strategies that we can take with us to shape work no matter what the future brings.

Here are the ideas you generated:

L&T skills

Not surprisingly, many people mentioned improvements to their teaching practice, including building online teaching skills, enhanced use of Canvas, building resources such as videos for future use and thinking more deeply about hybrid pedagogies.


Many people mentioned how they have created meaningful connections with students while learning remotely. One person noted “When students hear domestic noise in the background, they realise you are a person, not a robot”! Others mentioned enhanced connections across the University; challenges had offered opportunities to strengthen alliances with other groups.


The most frequently mentioned strategies with a positive impact on wellbeing have been slowing down, focusing on what is meaningful, making time for regular reflection, and walking. Freedom from the daily commute has been a real positive for many. As one comment noted, “Not running frantically around between home, work, school drop offs, meetings”. Other comments in this category included:

  • Taking mind breaks
  • Taking time for self-care
  • Better use of time and breaks
  • Increase check ins on staff wellbeing
  • Recognising the importance of the support provided to teaching staff
  • Well being and belonging for students via weekly wellbeing and belonging forum on the weekly module – student self care; connection to community
  • Environmental impacts that benefit us all, with an observation that “carbon emissions are down by 26%”

Working remotely

Finally a number of comments focused on the importance of setting up a work space, noting the importance of making it “aesthetically pleasing and homely” and designated for work. Other comments focused on increased productivity and better capacity to manage work and personal life.

I’m looking forward to continuing to explore these ideas in our SoEd Re-imagined conversations as we consider how to take these learnings with us into the future.

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