The year begins…

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Lovely to see many of our staff returning to work over the last few weeks and our spaces buzzing with colleagues. It has been wonderful to see our VCE staff taking up residence in our new floor in b.108. We are still making adjustments and I’m sure will continue to do so as staff settle in, but there is already so much to celebrate. I can’t wait to see how the students use the spaces. I will be bringing the DVCE, Belinda Tynan and our PVC, Paul Gough down to see b.108 in a couple of weeks. I look forward to an official “opening” and a celebration in the coming weeks.

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We’ve also had some victories at the Brunswick campuses, where Soosan and Robyn’s persistence has paid off, securing some good, new teaching spaces for this year. Great news!

The new paint and carpet at Bundoora has brought a much-welcomed refresh at that campus, with beautiful clean and light walls. I know there are good thoughts for how we might use the white spaces between offices, including inspiring quotes and Geoff has proposed an micro-project to rethink the noticeboards in our corridors. I look forward to the changes.

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With our VCE and VE programs due to start next week I want to thank you all for the stellar effort to get our courses and programs into Canvas and ready for the start of semester. I hope next week starts well for all our staff and students.


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  1. I was so impressed with the new VCE floor in 108 during my visit to Nancy and the staff today, such a great contemporary teaching and hang out space for both students and staff. It should have a real community vibe once it fires up with the students back next week.

  2. Love the new studio rooms at Brunswick. Thank you so much for the new look, the airy classrooms and the brilliant tech set-up.

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