The Learner Experience Project

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The Associate, DVCE, Sherman Young has announced the Learner Experience Project – a project that looks at individual learner journeys across RMIT to better understand the learning experience from the learner’s perspective. Outcomes of this work will help transform learning experiences for our students and help us improve the moments that matter, now and into the future.

How can you get involved?

The academic and teaching voice is invaluable to this project – you offer a unique viewpoint and perception of the learning experience of our students.

Sherman’s office has compiled a survey to seek staff feedback and would appreciate us completing it.

We need your feedback to shape future learning experiences for students

This feedback will enhance the insights gained from interviews with our current and prospective students and alumni about their expectations and experience of studying at RMIT.

How will the team keep you informed?

The team will be providing an update over the coming months, where they will play back project progress, and emerging insights and themes.

There will also be a final showcase of the findings and a chance to provide feedback to help shape the outputs and guide the application of the learner experience roadmap. 

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