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Warmest congratulations to Al Fricker, Uncle Mik Edwards and Tricia McLaughlin who won 2019 RMIT L&T Awards for Excellence.

Al and Uncle Mik won the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Strategic Contributions to Learning and Teaching: Initiatives that Exemplify RMIT’s Commitment to Student Belonging. This impressive team also received a Commendation for the Vice Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching.

Uncle Mik & Al on the Keelbundoora Scar Tree Walk at Open Day 2019

Al and Mik’s award acknowledges their impressive partnership built around the Keelbundoora Scar Tree walk at Bundoora. The walk provides RMIT students with unique first hand experiences that deepen their appreciation of reconciliation and the priorities of Bundyi Girri. The carefully curated walk and related learning opportunities build on and complement the indigenous microcredentials embedded in our programs. With rigour, accessibility, impact and scholarly renewal, the initiative has provided opportunities for learning about and on country in the School of Education for the last four years, building in scale and reach across and beyond our programs.

Several years ago Tricia initiated a student mobility initiative in Fiji, bringing together a cross-disciplinary team to support self-sufficiency and sustainability. This team won the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Strategic Contributions to Learning and Teaching: Collaborations that Enable Innovative and Inclusive Learning Environments.

This was the best thing that I have ever done at RMIT- I went to the Yasawa Islands thinking I would be able to teach the local people all my knowledge about water sanitation- instead I was the one who was taught about co-operation, remote living challenges; acceptance, inclusion, humility, and community. This experience has changed my life for the better- forever!

MTP Student 2018

Since the initiative was introduced to the SoEd three years ago, we have had 30+ education students participate in visits to the Yasawa Islands. Education students have had opportunities to work collaboratively with science and engineering students as well as learn from local industry. They have forged new relationships with local schools and teachers and worked with children of the Yasawas. Our students have conducted Professional Development days for local teachers and have collected over $3000 in school supplies and teacher resources to leave with the teachers.

The success of this multidisciplinary project has created long term partnerships which will benefit future generations on the Yasawa Islands and RMIT students.

I will work with both Al and Tricia to see how we might best share the details of these award-winning initiatives across the school.

See RMIT Life for details of all awards.

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