Teacher shortages – what to do?

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There has been much in the press recently about current and looming teacher shortages – particularly in languages, maths, physics, chemisty and IT. The issue was picked up at the recent meeting of our new Industry Advisory Board for our ITE programs. The Board challenged us to address these shortages and better meet the needs of the industry.

You may have seen last week’s item, Australia facing battle over quality and quantity of teachers, on the 7:30 report noting that while the government invested $77 million in the Teach for Australia initiative, in the nine years it has been operating 506 teachers have graduated, but only 262 are still teaching. A drop in the ocean of the 280,000 teachers in Australia and not nearly enough to address the shortages in particular areas.

The Stanford Social Innovation Review recently published an interesting article on this topic titled Ending Teachers Shortages with Network Mapping.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 8.14.05 am.png

The article offers a method for better understanding causes and developing solutions. Many thanks to Helen Whitehead from Marketing for passing this on.



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