TAPP 2.0

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Exciting news! As many of you know in 2014 Jen Elsden-Clifton and Kathy Jordan initiated the ‘Connected Classrooms’ partnerships in the 2nd year of the B.Ed program. This highly successful initiative funded by the Department of Education & Training through the Teaching Academies of Professional Practice  (TAPP) has seen strong relationships built between school and university staff and provided an excellent coaching structure, which has enabled our B.Ed students to flourish.

Last week DET announced that RMIT School of Education would be allocated further funding for 2019/2021. This is exciting news as we can now put into action ‘TAPP 2.0’ and build on the strong foundations that Jen, Kathy, Nicky and the wider B.Ed team set up. 

This next iteration of TAPP will be jointly run by Nicky Carr, Allison Bythe and Melanie Nash and ties in with our newly accredited program and courses, in which ‘Connected Classrooms’ has become ‘Using Assessment Data and Reporting.’ In this new course we are moving toward a model of co-construction with our school partners learning to investigate how they are using data and evidence to: (1) inform teaching and learning; (2) report to parents and other stakeholders; (3) the role that technology can play in aiding these endeavors.  In addition we will also be working with a focus on the development of mentoring skills and mentoring teams and we aim, through co-construction with key partners, to design a mentoring program that could lead to credit in the newly proposed Master of Education Futures.  

If you are interested in being part of this next iteration of TAPP, please get in touch with Allison, Mel or Nicky (on her return).

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