Talking Teaching: A new podcast series with Maxine McKew

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You may be interested in this podcast series from the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Talking Teaching covers effective classroom practice and the latest in educational thinking. Each podcast features interviews and stories from practitioners and leading thinkers.

2 Comments on “Talking Teaching: A new podcast series with Maxine McKew”

  1. Hi – Had a listen to parts of this – interesting to track the conversation – as it moves and shifts from this issue to that.

    There’s an interesting theme and series of tensions here re whether the pathway to enhanced outcomes is to ‘skill up’ individual teachers (in order to work efficiently and produce enhanced outcomes) or whether the pathway is to better resource the system and free up teachers and schools to innovate and work differently with different cohorts of learners (the impacts of culture on success or failure being accepted by all in this discussion).

    An interesting series of moments in the podcast to do with whether success in schools is a result of individual efforts or whether it’s governed by culture and context – a well trodden path

    Thinking as i listen that – This is a discussion that plays out here as well – again and again in many of the tutes I teach.

    If success in educative systems is linked with culture and context then teachers need to think about their work as not only being about effective strategies and so forth but also as being about the building of learning contexts that enable success. There’s a lot of discussion currently about skilling teachers up with strategies that ‘work’ etc but not enough discussion about what it means to build learning contexts (imho).

    A bit more to it than that – but – marking to do … M

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