Student Wellbeing in SoEd

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This year we are taking a focused approach to the wellbeing of our staff and students. More about staff wellbeing in subsequent posts. In this post I want to update you on some work currently underway to support student wellbeing.

The Student Wellbeing Research Group* has recently designed a survey for students to get a measure of their wellbeing, growth mindset, grit and empathy. The results will help us design initiatives to enhance students wellbeing.

The survey will be emailed to HE students and students in our Urban School this week. You can access the survey here.

If you’d like to know more about this project, please ask one of the members of the team.

*The Student Wellbeing Research Group currently includes: Nicky, Alison L, Allison B, Nancy, Richard, Mel, Kathy L, Seth and Andrea. We welcome new members.

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