Student responses

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A brief student pulse survey went live on Sunday evening. The survey contained the following three questions:

  • It was easy to access the online material and tools for this course.
  • I found the online environment for this course useful in my learning
  • What did you find worked best in the online version of this course?(open-ended).

The survey can be accessed via the left navigation bar in all Canvas courses. To date 2000+ students have responded. The survey closes April 27. Data will be forwarded to Course Coordinators early next week. I look forward to being able to share a high level summary when it is available.

The RMIT Student Union (RUSU) has also conducted its own survey of students. While results have not yet been released, early analysis indicates more than half of the students who have responded have been impacted financially by the pandemic and many are not eligible for government relief package. To date there has been a high level of support for online learning.

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