Student Mental Wellbeing

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The first (and very positive) meeting of the Student Mental Wellbeing Advisory Group was held this week. With representatives from RUSU, all three Colleges, Vietnam, R&I, Engagement & VE, and the Education Portfolio, the group will provide expertise, vision, and organisational advocacy to guide the program of work shaped by the Framework for Enhancing Student Mental Wellbeing to enhance students’ mental health experiences and outcomes (and support the staff who support students).

The framework was developed as part of an OLT project involving 13 Australian universities, including RMIT. RMIT will be the first Australian university to adopt the framework at a whole-of-university level. This commitment marks an important step for RMIT.

It will be good to explore ways the SoE programs can pick up and embed aspects of the initiative.

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For more information about the framework, click here. I will share more information as we scope the program of work.

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