Student Mental Wellbeing – an update

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At the PL Day the 50 staff who attended the student mental wellbeing workshop were invited to rate their confidence to respond to students in distress. Staff did this at the start of the session and again at the end – a great technique to help make learning visible and easily done in class using tools like gosoapbox.

Vanna and Luke who facilitated the session thought you might like to see the results, which suggest positive change for participants.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 7.19.00 am

The facilitators also spoke with me about staff wellbeing issues that were raised on the day. The Belonging Leads and I have been working in this area. A number of our microprojects address this theme. If you have other suggestions please do propose a microproject and/or contact our Belonging Leads Mel Reynolds, Kathy Littlewood, Michelle Parente or me.

I remind all staff of the free and confidential support available for work-related, personal or health problems through the Employee Assistance and Manager Assistance Programs.

Finally, Vanna and Luke have sent three take away messages:

  • The Staff Line for urgent student support is now active 9925 1111 (see your yellow pocket card)
  • Staff will be provided access to Professional Development opportunities (online, webinar and face-to-face) to build confidence to assist students in distress – available from June 2018
  • Staff concerned about their own or a colleague’s wellbeing should reach out for support through HR, their manager or publicly available supports.



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