Student Mental Wellbeing

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My thanks to Travis for circulating this important information last week. I just wanted to reiterate the value of these resources and encourage you to take a look if you haven’t already.

The Student Mental Wellbeing Initiatives group has developed an Essentials Guide for staff. While the guide was designed for VE staff and can be found on the VE Essentials website, the information is relevant to all staff.
Resources include a Staff Guide: Student Mental Wellbeing Essentials, useful contacts and the suite of videos including the following:

What about staff wellbeing?
One of the most valuable things we can all do is look after our own wellbeing, individually and collectively. The Essentials guide above includes a video on Looking after your wellbeing.

A reminder that independent, professional, free and confidential counselling is available to all RMIT staff and their immediate families via the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

A special program for managers, the Manager Assistance Program (MAP) is also available. This program is specifically tailored to assist managers, team leaders and supervisors better manage the day to day challenges that arise as part of their leadership role.

To book an appointment for either EAP or MAP call 1300 786 860 or email For urgent after hours counselling, please call on 0431 119 909.

EAP and MAP are available on site at the City and Bundoora. Bundoora times are Thursdays 9am – 1pm.

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