Student Belonging Lead – a call to VE staff

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As you know Belonging is a University priority in 2018. The College has appointed a DPVC, Student Belonging, Robyn Healy, Dean, Fashion & Textiles. In SoE we have signalled our commitment to belonging with a series of projects in our workplan including our new HDR Summer School, the continuation of our Students as Partners project in the B.Ed, piloting a new student belonging model in the MTP, a focus on belonging for our VCE cohort in their new home and work with alumni.

To support this priority each school in DSC has been asked to nominate School Belonging Leads with allocations of one day a week. SoE will have a lead from VE and one from HE. Kathy Littlewood, nominated by our Associate Dean, HE in consultation with our PMs, will be our HE staff rep. VE staff who wish to nominate themselves should let Victoria know by the end of the week. Adjustments to workload will be made accordingly.

This is a great opportunity to contribute to L&T innovation, wellbeing programs, and build leadership capability. Student Belonging Leads will be involved in the following activities:


  • Develop, co-ordinate and manage the implementation of a School Belonging plan
  • Report on the School Belonging plan and measures
  • Participate actively in the community of practice
  • Develop & disseminate best practice case-studies

Learning experience

  • Provide curriculum support to programs
  • Contribute to the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching outcomes through the sharing of best practice at internal or external forums
  • Undertake program relevant and school audits to inform belonging plans

School specific planning and co-ordination support

  • Curriculum mentoring activity
  • Designing extra and co-curricula activities and experiences e.g. discipline specific clubs
  • Liaison across other University support areas

Because of the nature of this role it is necessarily one best suited to teaching staff. I know there is a strong commitment to student belonging and wellbeing amongst our professional staff and we will continue to develop ways to work collaboratively and collectively on this important priority area.

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