STEM CLUB Program Trial – Students on show

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Two of our MTP students Jess and Mat have been doing their first placement in the Tech Schools using the triad model and are doing some fantastic stuff as featured in the most recent edition of the Tech School Newsletter below. Congratulations to Jess and Mat and the staff supporting this innovative model.

Mat and Jess, our RMIT pre-service students have been working with us to design a six week program for Grade 5 to Year 9 students that will be provided to principals to run in their own schools in Term 4. Students will be tasked with designing and constructing a puzzle that will form part of an escape room challenge. Students must work to ensure that the puzzle meets the required specifications as well as fit into a pre-determined narrative that celebrates history!

On 14 June we trialled a condensed version of the program with student from Apollo Parkways Primary School located next to Melbourne Polytechnic’s Greensborough Campus. Students became super agents of the government and were challenged to build a super slide, using science, maths and technology skills that would transport a ‘super bug’ bath bomb to travel down the slide into a ‘pool of dissolving troubles! When the bath bomb hit the water, it was a race to find the clue hidden inside that unlocked a safe with a prize inside.  The program was a hit and we thank Apollo Parkways for allowing us to work with such an amazing group of young people and well done to Jess and Mat on a successful first teaching experience.

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