Status of the Teaching Profession

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Late last year the Federal Government established an enquiry into the status of the teaching profession. You can read the SoEd comments amongst the 90 submissions received. Many thanks to Nicky who attended the public hearing in Melbourne last month. The transcript makes for interesting reading!

A summary of the issues that have been reported in submissions and hearings has been released on the committee webpage. A total of 37 issues have been identified so far including:

  • Concern about the model of tertiary entry
  • A call for more elective courses in ITE programs
  • Suggestion that a notional salary be introduced for PX
  • The importance of mentoring and induction programs for new teachers
  • Increased funding and resources for schools to better manage “the social, behavioural and health related issues of students”
  • A need to quantify, report and address the ‘invisible’ workload that teachers are absorbing outside of school time
  • Recognition of the importance of early childhood education and greater salary parity between early childhood teachers and school teachers
  • Acknowledgement of shortages of teachers in rural and regional areas
  • The need for funding, structure and fostering of collaborative and professional learning communities (which include subject matter and leadership experts) during work time.
  • A good practice repository that both supports teaching research and helps schools share best practice

A number of SoEd senior staff attended a forum recently on the Status of Teaching organised by the Australian Council of Deans of Education. We heard presentations from politicians in full election mode, journalists calling us to step up as ‘thought leaders’, advertising experts who spoke to our ‘image problem’ as well as new graduates and beginning teachers.

Our next school meeting will provide an opportunity to talk through issues in this space.

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