Status of Teaching Profession report

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The final report of the Status of Teaching Profession review was tabled in the House of Representatives last week, which now means the Government must consider and provide a formal response to the recommendations.

A copy of the final report is available below. The review recommendations are summarised in Appendix C.

Development of the Government’s response (to be coordinated by the Department of Education) will determine the next steps and how/who/when might other parties be consulted/involved. ACDE and Deans would expect to be involved in this process which we know in the current fiscal environment will come down to determining potential priorities for consideration and resourcing.

The report will also be a matter for the Education Council to address especially on future funding commitments, particularly when so much effort (on the part of Deans and others) was provided to this inquiry, raising many priorities (including expectations) to improve the overall status of the profession, in particular, mentoring, specialist support, professional development and teacher welfare.

The President of ACDE will raise the report in future discussion with Minister Tehan given his previous acknowledgement and direction for the review in Oct 2018 to improve the attraction and retention needs for the profession.

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