Staff wellbeing update

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Late last year the School of Education established a group of volunteers interested in improving staff wellbeing. We began 2019 with afternoon tea at both Bundoora and the City where we collected more than 100 suggestions of things you currently do and/or would like to do to improve your wellbeing. As a result we have:

  • Introduced Dogs on Campus. Several staff have brought in their dogs with overwhelmingly positive responses from both staff and students. We know others are keen to do the same and will soon establish a roster.
  • Random Acts of Kindness (City) – we invited random acts of kindness to finish term 2 in the Urban School, with reports of numerous acts of kindness that were meaningful and much appreciated.
  • Food continues to bean important way in which we support each other. Ellie has been baking beautiful vegan, gluten-free treats on the City and our soup lunches will start again when Bundoora staff make the move to b.215 at the end of August.
  • Lunchtime walking club (Bundoora) – regular lunchtime walker, Ronnie, has offered to share her routine with interested others starting next week. Ronnie will email all BU staff with more details.
  • Gratitude Board (City) – we have been collecting your posts and will feedback shortly.
  • Trivia Quiz (City) – this well-established activity continues to draw people to the staff room on the City.

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