Staff Survey 2018 – SoEd results

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In the last week you will have received emails from both the VC and PVC summarising the staff survey results at University and College level. Below is a summary of the 2018 School of Ed results.

Screen Shot 2018-09-29 at 6.55.09 am.png

We like the work we do in the SoEd and we are proud to work at RMIT. These are positive and consistent results in the school. On these, and indeed on many of the survey questions, our perception is more positive than the rest of the university. The SoEd glass it seems is often half full!

Compared to the last time we took the survey in 2017, there has been a positive lift for SoEd in cross-unit cooperation, up 12% from 2017. This is a product, I suspect, of the many interdisciplinary projects and connections that we have been nurturing throughout the school. We also saw a 13% increase in career opportunities. On the downside we saw a 12% decrease on customer satisfaction.

You can see in the table above that we share the challenge with the wider university around change management. As we move into the final phases of the 2020 strategic plan we will continue to experience change. Keeping you all up to speed on these changes is part of my job. If you ever feel like you need more information or you want it communicated in different ways, do let me know.  In the meantime the College intranet has just been updated. Check it out for important documents, service information and news from across the college.

Thank you for responding to the staff survey. I value your feedback and am always keen to hear ways you think we can improve.



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