Staff and students from Beijing to visit our Urban School

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During the first week of February we will welcome visitors from our partner school in Beijing, the Beijing Zhongguancun Foreign Language School (BZFLS). Two teachers, Irene Li (Accounting) and Pearl Li (Maths) as well as Jasmine Zheng (VCE coodinator) will be with us.

In addition, during that week, 24 students and 3 other BZFLS teachers will be spending time with us.  This will be the third BZFLS Study Tour to Melbourne.  Accompanying these students will be Rita Zhou DanSong Bohan and Han Lin.

It will be a busy time during this first week of classes. Do introduce yourself to our visitors and help make them feel welcome As always Craige is coordinating this visit with great skill and expertise. If you have any questions, please send them his way.

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