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SoEd Conversations about Shaping Education, Shaping the Future in a [post] COVID world  

After 10 weeks of living through enormous change and working hard to support the health, wellbeing and learning of our students and each other, it is timely to take a step back and reflect on the bigger picture – the implications of COVID for our school, the education of young learners, the training of educators and for education more broadly.  

  • What reflections do we have now on our School vision? 
  • Where should we prioritise our effort?
  • How do we best move forward in this new landscape?  
  • What has changed/ended/stayed the same? 
  • What is the impact of COVID for our work and lives? 
  • How do we make this disruption meaningful? 
  • What will be our messages at Open Day? 
  • How can we best engage our students and partners in these conversations?     

Through a series of small group conversations facilitated by some of our senior leaders, we will open up opportunities for our school community to venture into the unknown, to talk about the future, uncertain as it is and explore opportunities for the SoE.

Conversations will take place in Teams and will be annotated in chat by a scribe capturing the themes and priorities. 

Groups will be kept deliberately small to enable input and engagement. Adam will be in touch shortly with details to register for a session between June 9-25. I do hope you can contribute.

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